Telco & IOT

Telco & IOT

Telecommunications industry covers the exchange of information by electronic and electrical means over a big distance. The Internet of Things (IoT) helps telecommunication network providers create value, by connecting physical and non-physical objects within one network without the human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction to facilitate data management and collection.

IoT data goes far beyond computers, laptops, or smartphones. It may include any device that interacts with the external environment with the help of technologies and the Internet. This may refer to the consumer applications, such as wearable technologies or home automation (like lighting, heating and air conditioning, media and security systems, etc.), smart healthcare devices, such as  remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems, smart traffic control or parking systems, drones, sensors and other smart solutions which help the farmers gather and analyze the data on their crops and much more.

At Titanium Software, we help implement IOT solutions, by partnering with such amazing technology companies as JPU, 2CB, and Fone.do.


JPU product suite offers a comprehensive solution for enterprises and mobile operators looking to win the Cellular loT Market .


Voice communication platform that enables calling from within an application using 2CB’s patent solution. Titanium developed the SDKs for IOS and Android to use the platform and create peer to peer calls.