Sport & Entertainment

Sport & Entertainment

Sport and entertainment are one of those industries that have always been top among all possible sectors introduced on the Internet. Thanks to the development of innovative technologies, entertainment has transformed a lot, bringing its new forms to the Internet consumers. 
Nowadays, one can spend their time in the movies, at a sports competition, playing a game, listening to music, navigating from one place to another, and doing hundreds of other activities, literally sitting at home in front of their computers or mobile devices and enjoying a chosen e-entertainment solution.
At Titanium Software, we build and support sport and entertainment-focused platforms and software solutions, applying world leading technologies, like NodeJS, PHP, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Backbone.JS, Angular.JS, React.JS and more. The best-known entertainment projects we deal with include Sportwith, Shimeba, Radioin, and Tpoint. 


RadioIn is an advanced radio application for connected cars, integrated in the car multimedia system. RadioIn provides a high-end experience of listening to radio channels, podcasts and custom music channels. 


Tpoint is the world’s’ first smart outdoor squash court application. Using Tpoint you can not only manage your membership and games, but also control all the courts accessories –  entrance door, air condition, music and more.


Shimeba combines cutting edge location technologies with a simple yet powerful user interface to provide the best indoor navigation. IOS and Android apps were developed by Titanium team.