The cybersecurity industry  is a complex of prevention- and correction-related operational functions across different devices, applications, networks, data, and users. Cyber security covers everything from asset and device management (identity and access management, IOT and mobile security, etc.), network security (logins, passwords, antivirus programs, etc.), cloud security, and application security  (encryption or antivirus programs, etc.) to data privacy, encryption and cryptography or user permission and control management.

At Titanium Software, we possess vast experience in building and reviewing security applications and provide reliable and time-tested  blockchain-based software development services, starting from the planning stage to the solution’s implementation, testing, and support. Among our clients offering security-oriented products one can find Odix  and Bidipass.


BidiPass is a secure & simple ID verification solution the whole digital economy has been waiting for. By leveraging blockchain technology, BidiKey transfer protocol closes up currently existing security holes in the KYC space.


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