Thanks to the fast adoption of innovative technologies, the Internet has drastically influenced education, offering new forms and ways to acquire knowledge and skills in a faster and more entertaining way available to every single user. It is now possible to take courses, improve or check your knowledge or skills with the help of online platforms and entertaining software solutions, or even attend a school or a university in real time.

Titanium Software brings educational value, by assisting online educational projects with our full development services. We’re happy to currently  cooperate with such splendid projects, as Mathodix, Aplus, and Sense-Lang.o.


MathodiX is a platform designed to evaluate students’ math skills and understanding in real time based on their solutions to open-response questions.

The MathodiX algorithm automatically checks and analyzes every step of the solution and provides students with detailed personal feedback about their performance and how to improve, including a full mapping of their skills. At the same time, teachers receive full and detailed reports about their students, including common mistakes.


Aplus is mobile math game designed for children.


Since 2001, Sense-lang has been providing a free, very unique and user-friendly typing course. Their learning method has been proven to help millions of people around the world learn, practice, and improve their typing speed and accuracy.