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Agritech is a fast-developing industry which uses innovative technologies in order to simplify, improve, and even  revolutionise farm operations. Applications in agritech include drones, satellite photography, and sensors which help the farmers gather data on their crops at multiple locations, weather forecasts, light and heat control, intelligent software analysis that turns the data into useful insights, helping the farmers save water, increase crop yield, raise crop quality, predict pests and diseases, and others.
With the help of technologies applied in agriculture, farmers use the minimum water or pesticides’ quantities required for growing their crops,  can easily target specific areas, conduct deep crop analysis, and predict possible crop problems, staying absolutely environmentally-friendly. 

At Titanium Software, we help Virdix, an amazing agritech company, develop and support its product.


Viridix is a precision irrigation decision support system powered by Root Sense soil moisture sensors that help farmers make data driven decisions by gathering data at multiple locations in the field and uploading it to the internet cloud.