Titanium Resources

Titanium Resources
A Leader in Offshore Low-Cost Outsourcing services

Titanium Resources offers all the tools necessary for outsourcing your software development, offshore, low-cost:

Experienced team

R&D manager, project managers, team leaders and customer service.


Our excellent, talented Moldova staff: 45 professional programmers.

In-house company

The programmers are our in-house employees in Moldova.

Foreign customers

Our programmers are used to working with foreign customers.

English speaking

All programmers are English-speaking.

A Few More Things You Should Know About Us…

Our building in Moldova:

Our programmers work in our 3-storey office, and are divided to different teams and rooms, according to their department (Web, Mobile or Unity) and in accordance with the project in which they work. We give our programmers comfortable, healthy and pleasant work environment, suited to the long hours of working spent in the office.

Programmer Recruitment Process:

Titanium Software’s recruitment process is conducted by our recruitment manager and our COO. The process includes a general initial interview, a second professional interview with the relevant department’s manager, a practical test, and ultimately – a final hiring meeting.

Training new programmers:

Each new programmer undergoes training and practical experience. During this period, we train the programmer to work with foreign customers in terms of communication, requirements and expectations. In addition, we examine the capabilities of the programmer, and improve them where necessary, while working on internal projects or integrating them in existing teams and projects.

Benefits of Low-Cost Offshore Outsourcing

Software development and offshore outsourcing are highly popular around the globe. Among our customers you may find entrepreneurs, start-ups and large established companies – each with different objectives, where the outsourcing model provides them with the most suitable solution for their current situation.

While the main advantage is cost, there are many other advantages:

  • Expenses: saving costs on programmer salary, no recruitment costs nor training costs
  • Availability: immediate availability of professional programmers
  • Flexibility: Switching programmers, restructuring staff, etc.
  • Team work: when you prefer not to hire in-house programmers
  • Focus: Invest your energies in areas that are most important to you