Titanium Projects

Software Development from A to Z

Titanium Software offers a complete high-end solution for the development of software projects from start to end. Our resources allow us to develop complete, high-quality projects, in short time and at a competitive price.The following professionals are available for your project:

Project managers

Team leaders

Android, iOS, Web

Graphic, UI/UX designers

QA team

What do we do


Web projects of any kind and at any level:

-Internet sites

-E-Commerce sites

-Communication Systems

-Financial Systems

-Gambling and gaming websites

-Control and monitoring systems

-Analytics systems


Native Android Apps


Native iOS Apps

The Principles of Successful Software Development Process

Going into Details

Quality lies in the familiarity with and comprehension of the smallest details. Each member of the project team goes to the tiniest details under his or her responsibility: timing, cost, coding, designing… and everything else.


Good communication between all stake holders is a must. Orally, in writing, in computerized tools, in design and drafting, in releasing periodic versions; in brief – involving and exposing the customer to all stages of progress.


We plan well and in advance, and yet are ready for any change we might need to do. We live in a dynamic, changing environment, and are prepared to face any demand for change, quickly and readily.

The process of product Development with Titanium Software

  • Understanding the customer’s need and goals: commercially, financially, technically, in terms of marketing, and so on.
  • Constructing the project team: project manager, team leader/s, programmer/s and designer.
  • The project manager is fully communicating with the customer, writes the specification, including schedules and milestones: high-level design and low-level design.
  • Building a development tool: version management system, documentation in the code, management tools, and more.
  • Building the conceptual design, followed by screen design and UI/UX.
  • Development Process:

    We use Agile programming methodology, taking into account the people and interactions of the process, aiming to create software that works, and with full cooperation with the customer and response to changes. In other words, close contact with the customer and other members of the project, in order to achieve hi-end working software, in a process that allows flexibility and changeability.
  • Releasing early versions, feedback with customers, and developing a final version.
  • QA testing.
  • Submitting the project to the customer and providing support and warranty.