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Titanium Software specializes in working with entrepreneurs, startups and technology companies.


Titanium software is a global software development company and a home for developers, team leaders, project managers and designers. We hold R&D centers in eastern Europe and sales offices in the US, Europe and Israel – thus offering top-notch software development services at a competitive cost.

The extensive experience working with US, EU and Israeli startups and tech companies, are the invaluable asset of Titanium Software. We recruit our programmers and train them to face technological challenges in a complex and advanced environment.

We are proud of our success in building a first-rate, eminent and dedicated staff, which allows us to make the best of our customers.

Working with Entrepreneurs

Titanium Software offers various solutions for entrepreneurs:

Non-Technological Entrepreneurs:

These entrepreneurs are mostly looking for End-to-End (E2E) development solution. In this case, Titanium Software performs the entire project, from start to finish. Read more.

Technological Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs of this type usually need our programmers’ assistance in development (in this case, either one of our programmers, our entire development team will be involve – subject to and supervised by the entrepreneur’s team). Read more.

In both cases, we offer entrepreneurs, in addition to development services, consulting and guidance in their first steps. Our vast experience allows us to help in: reviewing the concept and business objectives, planning initial capacity according to the needs and budget, planning the infrastructure for future growth, and more.

Software development for new ventures is performed using several models:

Proof of Concept – POC:

This model is primarily used for representing to investors and proofing commercial and technological concept of the product.

Minimum Viable ProductMVP:

This model is used for developing a basic product version, under a limited budget. The MVP has a variety of objectives: presentation to investors, understanding of customer needs, product modifications, and more.

Full Development of the Product:

This model serves entrepreneurs, who are greatly familiar with the domain for which development takes place, and wish to minimize the product’s time to market.

Working with Startups and Technology Companies

Enhancing your development team: Offshore and Low-Cost Outsourcing. This solution aims to accelerate the development process while saving development costs.

Full development of different parts in the product. The goal of this solution is to allow you to fully concentrate on critical aspects of the project.

Technology companies often need to reinforce their development team and sometimes they decide to outsource certain parts of product development. Titanium software is here to help. We offer high- quality, competitive solution of integrating our programmers in your team, or E2E development of the relevant parts in the project.

Read more about Outsourcing Software Development and E2E Project Development.

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